Are You Ready For Valentine’s Day?

Hi everyone! I’m glad to be back to posting about fashion and done mucking about with blog settings!


I want to show you 2 more options for your valentine’s wear…both are from a new designer called Pompeja Rossini of PomJ Fashion.
This is called Valentina, obviously due to it’s holiday flair. Adorned with hand-drawn fluffies around each arm and the plunging v-neck, and accompanied by a mini-skirt (opaque or sheer) and stockings, no one can doubt the intentions of the woman who wears it. Although, without the stockings provided, add some knee socks and flats, you could have quite the precious ensemble. There are 2 versions of each style of skirt provided, one with a sit script and one without. It’s up to you if which one you choose to wear. Technically there are few problems with the outfit, the seams line up well, almost perfectly. The outfit, with 4 prim skirts, is L$ 250.


The second is a lingerie set to match the Valentina, appropriately called Valentina Lingerie. It includes the bra, thong panty and another pair of stockings (identical to the ones in the Valentina set). With a splattering of hearts and sheer panels on the bra, your partner will no doubt be seduced *weeenk!* The bra has a bit of a problem where the sheer and solid fabric meets, but it’s not something you’re likely to notice just looking at it. I love the little bows on the straps of the bra, it’s a thoughtful detail and shows that there is great potential here for more exciting items. The lingerie is L$ 100 for the 3 pieces.

If you’d like to check out the PomJ Fashion main store, TP now!


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