My Fave New Shopping Sim!


It’s possible that I’ve totally missed a great shopping experience before yesterday! I discovered Harajukubox City while searching for some Japanese inspired items with that clever little search function. There wasn’t anything specific I was looking for so I teleported on over to check it out and was overloaded with colors and signs and pretty things that I hadn’t seen before! Billed as “Japanese Neko Shopping” this sim certainly offers lots of wares for the Neko in you, but there are tons of other options. Here is the landing point with teleporter walls set up. As you can see there are well-known stores such as “Neko Gear”, “Kyoot” and “Draconic Kiss”. I also discovered some stores that were new to me.


First was “Little Heaven” by designer Chiko Duell. This small shop packs in everything from Pierrot costumes to mini dresses and Lolita-styles as well. As you can see in the picture, it’s already attracted two new fans 🙂


Then there was “F.A.T. Designz” by Alfred Kabuki offers some appropriately grungy clothes for both men and women, as well as a selection of tattoos. So far, another small shop, but all the items look interesting and the prices are dead cheap.

I was really amazed by the setting more than anything, so much thought and time clearly went into building this sim. I would reccomend that anyone who has an interest in Japan as well as Neko items, anime skins, and eye-popping decor, should stop by for a look. You never know, you may just discover something new as well.


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