Reminder: FACES RFL Fashion Show

Tomorrow, March 22 is the date for the RFL fashion show put on by the FACES crew! There will be 2 shows:

10:00 am to 12:00 pm SLT
2:00 pm to 4:00 pm SLT

And its being held in 4 sims at one time! So you can experience a show in any of the 4 seasons. You’ll see the special RFL outfits that are out for purchase at the fair, as well as 3 special sets of jewelry that will be for charity auction after the shows.

You can read more about it at the FACES Agency blog.

Reminder: Relay for Life Clothing Fair 2008


The fair starts Monday, March 17, 2008 at 10 am SLT! There will be 2 fashion shows on Saturday, March 22 at 11 am and 2 pm. There will be a bunch of great designers with booths set up, so make sure to come by sometime during the week and get some cool limited edition items that are for a great cause. There will be DJ’s, live music, dancing and give-aways as well!

I’ll see you there!

zOMG Shoes!


t’s no secret that I love shoes as much as any other girl out there. So today I squealed with joy when I got these new Peep Toe Pumps from Babette Ultsch of Kitties Lair. Is there any style of shoe this girl can’t make? They’re some sculpted beauties for sure, with a strap across the toe, a silver buckle and a thick stacked heel. I was lucky to preview 3 colors for you, and of course, I’m providing all the pictures for your enjoyment, and possible drooling; purple, a metallic emerald snake skin and a vintage silver. Continue reading

All Tatt’d Up!

Oh my, I’m almost nakers here! I did add some modesty pasties so its technically SFW, although, why you checking out my bits at work? *raises eyebrow*


Ok, on to the review. I got a bunch of stuff from Thereaver Barrymore  of Designina and when I put on the tattoos I knew I had to take pictures of me in them and then show them to all of you, possibly in that order. The first tattoo is called “Naturaleza” and comes on every single imaginable layer, which is totally rad. I love being able to layer all sorts of things over each other to end up with a hot mess of goodness, if that makes any sense to you. I love the very organic style, and the color, which comes in a deep brown. It reminds me a bit of henna, but not as orangey. I usually hate anything on my stomach, but it all flows so well that I don’t mind it at all. I’m only wearing the upper body, but there is a part that goes down the hip and onto the leg. For the full set, its L$ 300 (no trans, no mod). Continue reading

Bad Customer Service and More…

There are a few things that irk me about the fashion side of Second Life. One major problem I have is bad customer service, now this can range from the rude to blatantly ignoring their responsibilities as content creators. I bet this happens all all types of commerce, but since most of my transactions are for things to do with my avatar’s appearance I have more experiences in general in this genre of content. Lately, one store in particular has shown, what I consider, to be disregard for their customers. Let me explain the situation (without naming names). I’m pointing out an important problem as I see it: Continue reading

Self Promotion

Yep, so I’m using my blog to plug myself for a moment. I recently relaunched my shape store (formally called BODMOD by Kalia) as The Pink Giraffe. The name is my really my logo which I thought up kind of randomly one day. So, with my old store disappearing off the map without warning, I moved to the Retail Therapy sim. In all truth, I opened it a bit prematurely, but with what happened, I took a leap and opened. I have 10 shapes out at the moment, several of them new. I’m also working on a line of accessories, but that won’t be out for a few more weeks. Continue reading

Skin Fair Must-See List


I have a couple of photos here from the skin fair, I kept them as thumbnails so they don’t take up too much space since this is a wee update of sorts. The first is of the Refined Skins line by Gala Phoenix and the second is of Falsetto skins by Symphony Skins, which I saw for the first time tonight. Continue after the break for my list of the shops you just have to check out! Continue reading