Skin Fair Must-See List


I have a couple of photos here from the skin fair, I kept them as thumbnails so they don’t take up too much space since this is a wee update of sorts. The first is of the Refined Skins line by Gala Phoenix and the second is of Falsetto skins by Symphony Skins, which I saw for the first time tonight. Continue after the break for my list of the shops you just have to check out!So I went around the whole exhibition and wrote down the places that impressed me most, either for quality, creativity, price, etc. And so in no particular order, Kalia’s must-see shops are:

Celestial Studios: Winter Skins especially
Refined Skins by Gala Phoenix
Wax Poetic Skins
Androgyne skin for men by eXceSs
Symphony Skins (omg deliciously creamy)
Soda skins
La Sylphide
Ars*Nova Design
Minnu Model Skins

Now I’m off to try on my demos in a more lag-free area. Adios!


2 thoughts on “Skin Fair Must-See List

  1. I am SO glad to see Gala skins back out there. I’ve been a fan since I first rezzed in SL. I go out and buy tons of skins..but I always go back to my gala skins. YAY..she’s back:)

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