Self Promotion

Yep, so I’m using my blog to plug myself for a moment. I recently relaunched my shape store (formally called BODMOD by Kalia) as The Pink Giraffe. The name is my really my logo which I thought up kind of randomly one day. So, with my old store disappearing off the map without warning, I moved to the Retail Therapy sim. In all truth, I opened it a bit prematurely, but with what happened, I took a leap and opened. I have 10 shapes out at the moment, several of them new. I’m also working on a line of accessories, but that won’t be out for a few more weeks.

I’ve included some pictures of the shapes I offer at the moment, Kira and Kieran are my favorites. They’re on promotion for L$ 250 for copy/mod permissions like all my shapes. The regular price is L$ 500. I was only going to leave them at that price for 24 hrs but I’ve extended it to…until I change my mind? A big change for me is offering demo shapes. They only have the transfer permission, and are L$ 1. I set the hands, and in some cases the feet, to 100 but all other features are the same as the original shape. So that’s about it. Drop by and take a look, I also have a group which is easy to find in search, The Pink Giraffe. I’m considering a blog just for the store…I’ll let you all know if I start one up for that purpose.


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