Bad Customer Service and More…

There are a few things that irk me about the fashion side of Second Life. One major problem I have is bad customer service, now this can range from the rude to blatantly ignoring their responsibilities as content creators. I bet this happens all all types of commerce, but since most of my transactions are for things to do with my avatar’s appearance I have more experiences in general in this genre of content. Lately, one store in particular has shown, what I consider, to be disregard for their customers. Let me explain the situation (without naming names). I’m pointing out an important problem as I see it:

I go into a store one day and see a pair of boots I adore, I decide to purchase this pair of boots. After paying and going home, I realize I was given the lower part of the left boot – and that’s it. So, I return to the store and try to buy it again, thinking perhaps I hit the wrong part of the vendor or sign. Again, I get the lower part of the left boot and nothing else. At this point I return to the store to find out what their customer service policies are. I see someone there holding a sign…she had a similar issue and has waited 2 weeks at that point for a replacement. She told me that the last time she had a problem with a product from that store it took 5 weeks to be resolved. 5 weeks? That’s nuts! She gave me the email address I was supposed to send my information to and told me to persist. I sent an email immediately detailing my problem. I then sent another e-mail clarifying something a few days later. Then a week after that another e-mail…did my original get lost? So then I sent a note card a few days ago, even though I’m not supposed to because I wanted the designer to know how disappointed I was. Tomorrow will be 4 weeks from my initial purchase and still, not even an acknowledgment of receiving my emails. I seriously doubt I will ever shop there again, even though I love the products. I think if there was an issue with the designer not being available in SL, I would have a different opinion, but they have released several new items in this period. Their loss of my business probably won’t impact the store in the slightest, but if they do this to all customers who have issues, they will.

Another thing I notice: content creators, more specifically fashion designers, stating that they should not be contacted for any issues relating to their products ever, that Linden Lab should deal with items not being delivered and etc. This is complete bullocks. Not giving any customer service, not employing anyone who can help a customer, not backing the products they create? This is a case of a large ego, you’re too busy to be bothered with such trivial matters are being responsible to the people who help you earn real money from a game? Talk about ungrateful, I won’t be shopping at your stores either.

These two things have been on my mind lately. I know some people won’t agree with me, but I think it’s important to voice these issues. Why not mention who I’m talking about? Well it’s not because I’m afraid, but really, it’s not about one single person, it’s about a common attitude that seems to be going around these days. If you have something to say, I’m glad to hear it.


15 thoughts on “Bad Customer Service and More…

  1. I found your site on technorati and read a few of your other posts. Keep up the good work. I just added your RSS feed to my Google News Reader. Looking forward to reading more from you.

    Jason Rakowski

  2. One major suggestion for solving your issue: Make the store name available. If consumers and shoppers realize that the customer service is non-existent, that shop will no longer be such a hot commodity.

    In addition, I realize its a rather harsh way to get what you paid for, but you might just get the issue resolved.

  3. Hi there 🙂
    Though i really understand what you are saying, and I myself have experienced very bad customer service in *some* stores, i’m gonna have to say something about “us designers” lol.

    I think i speak for many of my fellow designers in the fashion world, but possibly also others, that when we say its LL’s fault, its because it REALLY is in some cases! I too get the notecards and IM’s from customers who didn’t got their items delivered, due to SL (LL), and i always send them their product right away after i checked their payments. I know alot of my colleques do the same. It’s just very frustrating for being blamed you don’t have your stuff together, when its really SL technical issue’s who are buggin in.

    It costs ALOT of time to create, design, photograph, upload, setting up vendors, run a store and also provide customer service. Now i’m not complaining cause i love what i do, and i provide the best service i can. This means: if a customer is NOT happy with his/her purchase, a refund (even though my items aren’t transfer). Just what customers also should keep in mind, that we are human beings, who simply cannot sit 24/7 behind our pc’s to immediately respond to them. (ok, sometimes it IS nearly 24/7 LOL but we all know this HAHAHA). But do you get my point?

    I don’t believe being rude or having an additude is ever good and you won’t see me like that. On the other hand, if you have any idea what *some* (< and gladly this is just occasional) customers say and how rude they are, its terribly hard to keep friendly and give them what they want if their just simply unreasonable. (i.e. you give a freebie, and they complain its not their favorite color.etc.).

    Like i said i’m really sure i’m talking for the majority of us creators, we do our best, i know i do 🙂

    Take care!

  4. I have to completely agree with you on this one. Many times I haven’t received an item due to some sort of SL issue and naturally I contact the creator to see if I can receive a replacement(only if it’s a “no transfer”). I often drop them notecards in case their IM’s get capped or e-mail if necessary and the vast majority *never* replies back. WTF?

    For this very same reason is why I love working for Nyte’N’Day. Aside from having CSRs at her stores, Nyte is *awesome* about replacing your product; usually within the day, even if it’s been a year since you bought it! Bad customer service has lead me to not shop ever again at certain stores; one in particular never bothered to redeem my 1K gift card or return any of my messages. Nada, zilch, nothing!

    So thank you for voicing this huge issue, I thank you for it and even though we may not make much of an impact; designers have to know we do care about that kind of stuff and it will matter whether or not we’ll shop there again. Hopefully others will learn that you are entitled to your item and not just give up when you don’t receive it and you are most definitely entitled to good customer service!

  5. I get that SySy, I have my own little shop, and while I probably do 0.5% of the business in question, I try answer every question, no matter if it is answered right on the ad.
    Actually, I am a CSR for MM Skins. I work 10 hours a week answering questions, helping people find stuff and whatnot. I know how some customers can be too, which is why when customers are polite no matter how frustrated they are, I think they deserve to get an answer, even if it’s “Sorry, I can’t help you”.
    I’ve pretty much written off having my issue solved, I’d be glad if some people would realize a few manners never hurt anyone.
    Thanks for the comments!

  6. hey doll! don’t give up. i’d keep sending messages. the squeaky wheel eventually gets oiled! ok dumb comment… errr! haha but you get the idea! 😉 oxox good luck!

    want me to hurt ’em?! 😛

  7. I’m going to agree with the second poster and say that while it’s nice to not “name names”, there’s a point where you should start naming names, and I think you passed that point a few weeks ago. If someone is having a bad experience with a store, as a potential customer I would want to know which store it was so I can be aware of what I am in for.

    Anyway, here’s to hoping it gets resolved, one way or another.

  8. If it is any consolation, there are quite a few of us who purchased the same boot and only received a bit, and then tried and failed to make contact with customer services. There was a blog post about it on the feed a while ago. It is hugely irritating!
    However….if we are talking about the same store, there was a post yesterday about sending a notecard (yup, *another*) to someone, so hopefully it will be resolved….

  9. That’s just incredibly poor form. I guess I’ve been lucky because I’ve found that the vast majority of designers respond quickly to transaction issues by providing a replacement, and this includes designers that run extremely busy large scale stores.

    I’m aware of the large store that is no longer taking responsibility for failed transactions, advising customers to contact Linden Lab for support. What, so Linden Lab can replace the item or offer a refund? I don’t think so. While most failed transactions result from issues with the system, if I choose to sell in an environment that I know is unreliable, I can’t expect my customers to just wear it when they pay me money but don’t receive the goods. Designers with that kind of irresponsible attitude should really just close up shop altogether.

  10. Really Eremia? I must have missed that, I’ll have to check to see.
    Stephanie, yep, that’s what I’m talking about. It’s no secret the designer in question hasn’t even put out anything new in a while and has ripped products all over the grid.
    I struggled with revealing names or not. There was another post about the designer who tells the customers to take it to LL. Really, if you have the transaction history, send another product. It’s good business. So I’m sure you all can figure that one out….
    If there is no resolve within the week I will post an update. Let’s see if this “5 week” history shapes up to be true.

  11. ooooh wait. wait wait LOL …ripped products? Then i won’t have a problem with naming names. Really SLS..if they’re ripping products they don’t even deserve this treatment IMO. (and then i mean the protection of not naming names). I understand you being carefull with that, but if i hear ripping products my little hairs on my back go stand up *lol*. Besides..i’m beginning to get awefully curious which shop this is??? If more ppl have the same issue, thats really really weird… :/

  12. I had a problem similar to that with some boots I purchased, may not be the same ones, but I only received one part..a demo part at that. I sent an email to no response, but when I contacted the designer by IM, she immediately sent me the replacement boots.

    However, I have noticed some designers stating that they are not responsible for items purchased but not received.

    This is where I cry foul. I know there is a problem with content theft and designers are miffed that LL won’t do anything about it. However, when I pay my lindens for an item to a designer, I expect that item to be delivered. If it’s not, I’m going to contact the designer. They are one offering the item for sale.

    If I buy a dishwasher from Sears, and they send it to me, but it never arrives, guess who sends the replacement? Sears. They ultimately may sue the delivery people, but they get me my damned dishwasher first.

  13. I think I know where you’re talking about, because I had the identical problem with a pair of shoes.

    Honestly though, only two shops I’ve ever contacted with customer service issues have answered my questions, and only one actually resolved the problem. At this point I assume if a transaction didn’t go through properly, that I’m just screwed. I still drop the note, but I don’t actually expect my Lindens or the product back.

    (Side note: Eolande Elvehjem is the exception to the rule on this, by leaps and bounds)


  14. Oooh hold on, I meant that the designer who has it in their profile that they don’t want to be contacted has had their products ripped many times, not that they sell ripped stuff.
    The store that has bad customer service had posted on their blog an issue that has come up, but I find it hard to believe that it took 4 weeks to notice a problem with their methods of contact, otherwise they should have gotten back to me, right? They actually blogged their issue the day before I blogged this problem I’m having. I sent another notecard yesterday to the suggest avatar and am now waiting to see how its resolved.

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