All Tatt’d Up!

Oh my, I’m almost nakers here! I did add some modesty pasties so its technically SFW, although, why you checking out my bits at work? *raises eyebrow*


Ok, on to the review. I got a bunch of stuff from Thereaver Barrymore  of Designina and when I put on the tattoos I knew I had to take pictures of me in them and then show them to all of you, possibly in that order. The first tattoo is called “Naturaleza” and comes on every single imaginable layer, which is totally rad. I love being able to layer all sorts of things over each other to end up with a hot mess of goodness, if that makes any sense to you. I love the very organic style, and the color, which comes in a deep brown. It reminds me a bit of henna, but not as orangey. I usually hate anything on my stomach, but it all flows so well that I don’t mind it at all. I’m only wearing the upper body, but there is a part that goes down the hip and onto the leg. For the full set, its L$ 300 (no trans, no mod).tats2-copy.jpg

The second tattoo is called “Creencia” and is only the upper body, which comes on the undershirt, shirt and jacket layers.  I’m not sure what inspired it, but it seems sort of like a combination of styles (I’m no expert in this field, mind you). Once again, I find the pattern very appealing, this one in particular reminds me of henna, so if you’re interested in that style of tattoo, be sure to check these out. This one goes for L$ 200 with the same permissions. There are many other sets in the store, just look upstairs when you arrive.

The store also sells clothing and boots, so have a look!


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