zOMG Shoes!


t’s no secret that I love shoes as much as any other girl out there. So today I squealed with joy when I got these new Peep Toe Pumps from Babette Ultsch of Kitties Lair. Is there any style of shoe this girl can’t make? They’re some sculpted beauties for sure, with a strap across the toe, a silver buckle and a thick stacked heel. I was lucky to preview 3 colors for you, and of course, I’m providing all the pictures for your enjoyment, and possible drooling; purple, a metallic emerald snake skin and a vintage silver.


I don’t think there is even one minor flaw with these pumps, and I love them so much I don’t think I’ll take them off for the next few days. Each pair is L$ 290 and are available at the Kitties Lair mainstore along with several other delicious colors. I know that you’ll be racing over there to get your own pairs, I’m glad I won’t have to endure that! Check back soon for another review….



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