/Rant On


To start off today’s post I wanted to bring up my post from a few weeks ago regarding bad customer service. If you remember, I had a problem with a pair of boots I had purchased and had waited 4 weeks at that point for the situation to be rectified. Now after another notecard to another person, the situation was finally put to rest 5 weeks after the initial purchase. I have to say, I do love those boots, and am very glad to have gotten them but at the same time I am so disappointed that I haven’t been back to the store, even though there are a number of things I really would like from there. I am torn about whether or not I should give it another chance. I suppose if it did happen again that would solidify my opinion on it.

Something else on my mind recently has been trying to change this blog up a bit from all the regular stuff going on. I will be featuring some events and things that people should be attending, ie: for charities, fund-raising, etc. Although I would love to hear about suggestions people would have, what do you want to see blogs covering in the fashion world that isn’t already being covered? As it is I have already held back from blogging things that I have noticed on the the feeds so there isn’t an over-saturation of the same items repeatedly. This also leaves me scratching my head with things to talk about from time to time.

A third concern is the name of the blog itself. With the new “rules” put in place I don’t know if I should change it or laugh. I guess thats about it…I was going to add some other things but I hate ranting when I haven’t even thought out my rants fully. So goodnight, good morning…

/rant off


3 thoughts on “/Rant On

  1. Hey there!

    I enjoy reading your blog, so keep up the great work.

    As for the finally-ending-saga re: the boots, I would say (sadly) that you shouldn’t shop there anymore. There are plenty of places on the grid that will offer you good products (probably similar products) with better customer service.

    Customer service is SOOOO important and you were obviously dissatisfied. Just think, what if you made another purchase and had to go through that same thing all over again? Imagine how very frustrated you would be! I just isnt worth it.

    Keep the blog name the same. No sense in changing it at this point :-)).

    Kiss Kiss/ Khitten Kurka

  2. yer absolutely right in never shopping there again and you’ve got the story to tell if anyone asks why you don’t have their latest greatest next best thing. i had one experience from a designer who didn’t seem to consider my problems with her dress her problems. i’ll never spend my money there and if anyone asks i’ll tell em. bitter and twisted? i wear it proudly.

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