Last night I played dress-up with some friends, and when I logged in today I was still wearing my outfit. I thought it looked unique enough for a post on what I’m wearing, and I’ll be roaming around in this for the next little while anyway. It may not be your thing, but it’s fun, and took me a couple of minutes to put together.

Details are after the cut…

What I’m wearing…

Hair: HCT, Nalirra (black)

Skin: Minnu Model Skins, Pale-Mourning (no longer available at Minnu, but you can find it at Kyoot Army. MMS Gen 2 also has similar skins)

Collar: Last Call, Arachne Posture Collar (from Arachne outfit)

Bra and Corset: Kayliwulf Kingdom, Latex Microbra (cranberry) and Latex Piped Corset (cranberry/black)

Gloves: Cachet, found in the Grace outfit

Cuffs: Basic Lockmeister cuffs (free in many places)

Whip: Xcite!, Bullwhip (color-change)

Skirt: Last Call, Wilhelmina Flexi Fishtail Skirt (from Wilhelmina outfit)

Leggings: Cachet, Tights Black

Boots: C-Shoes, Fetish Platform Boots

**Last Call may be closed, but outfits purchased during the clothing sale are transferable, so you many be able to find some still.


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