Spring Sweetheart – Oh, And It’s Free!

I got this free dress today from IndigoBlue Dagostino of “Seldom Blue”, but the good news is, it wasn’t free just for me, it’s free for everyone! It’s a gorgeous creamy color, with satin and silk fabrics, perfect for a spring formal, or even a wedding. So, for a cool $L 0, you get 3 skirts and 3 top options on various layers. Normally the this goes for $L 475, so this is definitely a sweet deal.

The store is also participating in the Red Stick hunt, with 3 to find in the store (I found them all, yay me!). Take a look around and you’re sure to find something you like, whether its a cute bra and panty set, a gown, or a hip belted top.

Newbies, or freebie hunters alike, will be happy to know there are several free items in the store, so you should get your little behinds over there now to check it out and grab yourself something nice.

I’m off to roam in a field of tulips like this 🙂


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