Fundraiser For The Survivors of Myanmar/Burma and China.

I received a press release today for this very important fundraiser and I wanted to let you all know about it A.S.A.P.  It is for the cyclone survivors of Myanmar/Burma and the earthquake victims in China. With all the things going on in SL™ some times we neglect the things that are going on in the real world. Here is a way you can help out and contribute to people in need.

Here is an excerpt from the official press release:

“We are holding a fundraiser event tomorrow, Sunday June 1st, from 12pm SLT until 2pm SLT for the cyclone victims of Myanmar and the Earthquake survivors of China. All items for sale have been kindly donated for the fundraiser and ALL proceeds will go to the Red Cross divisions in Myanmar and China. Donated items include everything from shoes to clothes to jewelry!
If you wish to just donate we will have a donation kiosk setup at the teleport site as well. Please join us for a great cause to give these people a chance at survival during these very difficult times. Every Linden helps! :)”

The fundraiser is being held at Bryce Designs in Tully (57, 54, 25) (linked above).

Here is some video footage:

And in China:

Some participants:

Cherry Tokyo
Polly Pavlova
Krell Shinohara
Ryoma Sautereau
Mikido Yoshikawa
Casper Dionne
Bryce Tully
Tomoyuki Batra
Kuranosuke Kamachi

I know I will be there, will you?

Dear People of SL™

It’s another one of those entries where I tell you stuff with no pics!

Ok, so picture this…I was doing some shopping yesterday, all alone, minding my own business, when out of the corner of my eye I see someone in a prim skirt. I turn to check out what she is wearing (as I normally do), and under that prim skirt is nothing! 100% absolutely bare! I didn’t look under her skirt, you pervs, it was swinging in the breeze revealing what her mamma gave her for all the world to see. So please, dear people of SL™, remember to wear the glitch pants that come with prim skirts. Or else, you will make this blogger cry a little tear for you…

Much <3,


It’s All About The Olive Juice, Baby

Are you looking for some cool accessories or some gritty, grungy, slightly retro, garb? I just learned about a place that could satisfy your needs perfectly. Olive Juice is a store owned by Swan Ling and offers all of the above plus more.

These legwarmers, for instance, feature a lit up heart charm on one leg, plus a wee little teddy bound up on the other. Two other versions are also available and each are a steal at L$ 69. I think they look great with jeans, leggings or even a short skirt and are perfect for pairing with your favorite chuck-style shoe.

These bracelets are another affordable accessory at L$ 45, with both arms included. There is a heart charm and a padlock for added…smexyness? Or maybe it’s so you know where it is next time you use handcuffs? Either way, I like ’em! The shirt I am wearing comes in a pack of 9 colors for L$ 200.

Ok I am off to bed, Kalia is siiiick!

Peak At *Heart Code*

If you check out the previous post, *Heart Code* is having a fashion show May 8. I got a few samples of outfits from Sunfly Mills so you see what the store is all about.

This dress is called “Metallic” and it’s easy to see why, it’s metallic! That liquid-like metallic material that you might wear to go dancing or on a saucy date. The simple pencil-thin straps morph into a T on the back, adding a unique touch.  You can grab this for yourself at the mainstore for L$ 375.

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Perfectly Pink

I was lucky enough to receive the latest freebie from Seldom Blue by IndigoBlue Dagostino today. If you remember, I blogged another one of her free dresses a little while back. Well I was pleasantly surprised back then and I jumped on this one to blog A.S.A.P. so that as many of you as possible can run out and grab it. A lot of freebies are things you don’t use or only use for a couple of weeks. However, with the ones that IndigoBlue offers, you know that you are getting something lovely.

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