Perfectly Pink

I was lucky enough to receive the latest freebie from Seldom Blue by IndigoBlue Dagostino today. If you remember, I blogged another one of her free dresses a little while back. Well I was pleasantly surprised back then and I jumped on this one to blog A.S.A.P. so that as many of you as possible can run out and grab it. A lot of freebies are things you don’t use or only use for a couple of weeks. However, with the ones that IndigoBlue offers, you know that you are getting something lovely.

The Sky Gown in pink comes with 2 styles of top (both shown), 2 styles of skirt (both shown), shorties, and thong (use your imagination!). The tops you can mix with either of the skirts making this dress very versatile. Want me to get picky? There are some minor seam issues. There, I said it. But honestly, most pieces of clothing have seam issues so I’m not really bothered by them, especially when there is so much detail in other places.  Both styles of top have great embellishments and make you wonder what in the world made IndigoBlue give this dress away for free?

What are you waiting for? Go get yours now!


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