Peak At *Heart Code*

If you check out the previous post, *Heart Code* is having a fashion show May 8. I got a few samples of outfits from Sunfly Mills so you see what the store is all about.

This dress is called “Metallic” and it’s easy to see why, it’s metallic! That liquid-like metallic material that you might wear to go dancing or on a saucy date. The simple pencil-thin straps morph into a T on the back, adding a unique touch.  You can grab this for yourself at the mainstore for L$ 375.

The second outfit is called “Ara” and comes with all pieces shown, except for the shoes (that’s jacket, bra, gloves, glitch pants and skirt). I love the mix of colors and fabrics. I especially like the cut of the jacket which makes it different from all the other jean jackets out there. “Ara” is also prime mix and match material, and at L$ 400 it’s very reasonable for how versatile it is. It may not be everyone’s taste, but I haven’t taken mine off yet.

Check out the store yourself, with the choices available, you too might find something you won’t want to take off.


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