It’s All About The Olive Juice, Baby

Are you looking for some cool accessories or some gritty, grungy, slightly retro, garb? I just learned about a place that could satisfy your needs perfectly. Olive Juice is a store owned by Swan Ling and offers all of the above plus more.

These legwarmers, for instance, feature a lit up heart charm on one leg, plus a wee little teddy bound up on the other. Two other versions are also available and each are a steal at L$ 69. I think they look great with jeans, leggings or even a short skirt and are perfect for pairing with your favorite chuck-style shoe.

These bracelets are another affordable accessory at L$ 45, with both arms included. There is a heart charm and a padlock for added…smexyness? Or maybe it’s so you know where it is next time you use handcuffs? Either way, I like ’em! The shirt I am wearing comes in a pack of 9 colors for L$ 200.

Ok I am off to bed, Kalia is siiiick!


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