Beautiful Petra

The most recent gown I got was from IndigoBlue Dagostino of Seldom Blue. I have blogged her gowns before, but this has to be my absolute favorite from her.

This gorgeous onyx gown comes with all layers for the top and glitch pants. The skirt I am wearing is both the satin option and the sheer option, I really love how they look layered but you could certainly wear either one alone.

The detail on the top is amazing, and the back is simply stunning. I love all the gorgeous cut-outs on the top and the sheer layer of the skirt. The only draw-back? Some people may be a tad shy about showing their nips through the lacey part of the top. Although you can easily wear some flesh-toned pasties under the top so that you can wear it without worry.

I already know people running to get this gown…and you should too. Oh, I forgot to tell you how much it will set you back, you might want to know that it is 100%, totally free! *hears stampede of fashionistas* Now that’s a bargain.


5 thoughts on “Beautiful Petra

  1. Hi Honey,

    thanks so much for the review, you look adorable!
    Remember though that you can have an opaque version of this gown by wearing all 3 top layers together! You just can’t lose! 😉

    Indigoblue Dagostino

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