What Sound Does A Panda Make?

Is it like bear growl? I always imagined as a child, that a panda had a cute voice, as if it was coated in powdery sugar.

I felt very much like a panda in my new outfit from Olive Juice by Swan Ling, which is appropriately called “Pretty Panda”. That hat has both ear flaps and round ears on top, and the skirt has a wee black pompom tail on the back. My favorite detail about the outfit is the little panda stuffie that is tucked inside the waistband of the skirt. He comes with his own little hat, which makes this guy add loads of kyoot to the overall look. I adore the arm and leg warmers, as well as everything else! I couldn’t find the right hair for this look yet, so I’ll probably be wandering around in this without the hat for a while. At L$ 200, this is a steal! With all the prim-work put into this set, you could easily be charged double.

This Pretty Panda gets two thumbs up from me.

I Got Words…

Running through my mind…ew, sounds like a bad country song there. Ignore that bit. So, I was reading some of my favorite RL celebrity gossip sites today and came upon “blind items” which is basically a bit of gossip without a name attached. People guess who it is but the answer seems not to be revealed directly by the author at any time. I was thinking it would be fun to do some SL™ blind items. Anything from crazy quotes, drama llama gossip, catching someone in a compromising position…I dunno. Something to be a wee bit different and break up the monotony of the SL™ feeds. I don’t know how my readers feel about that, so post a comment here or let me know by IM in-world.

I’ll post an example for anyone unfamiliar (and this is totally made up):

“This slebrity has been seen hanging around with her known arch nemesis, is some sort of reconciliation in the works?”

Hardly Seldom

If you read this blog semi regularly, you’ll have noticed that I’ve blogged quite a few items from Seldom Blue by IndigoBlue Dagostino. She let me know that her Sensations Gown in deep pink is on sale until June 22 for only L$ 50! It comes with several wearing options as usual, the top is on all 3 layers and the glitch pants on both pants and underpants. It also comes with 3 accessories: a sheer wrap, a choker and a neck scarf, and this in addition to the several styles of the skirt available.

I’ve modeled all the options, starting with the wrap and both layers of the floor-length skirt. The opera-length gloves make it perfect for a formal occasion, or you can do something like this…

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A Couple of Things

A friend of mine recently opened a new photography studio and she took my picture while we were goofing around. Normally I don’t pimp my friend’s projects for the sake of talking about my friends, but she’s doing something a bit different. She doesn’t charge any fees for the pictures and processing she does! She operates solely on tips, allowing people of any linden balance to get a cool profile pic, portfolio, or what have you. Her name is Allison Messmer and contact her in-world for your appointment (PS: she has no idea I did this, heehee). Continue reading

I Have Seen The Real World…etc

Where has that Kalia hussy been lately? Well since like 3 people are curious, I’ll tell you a little about it. I have been in the real world! It’s this huge sim-like place but without teleporting or flying options.

Seriously though, I haven’t been in-world very much lately and have been a wee bit lax on my blogging as well. If you see me sometime, give me a shout, I don’t bite much! I checked out that deal at Truth yesterday and picked up a few hair styles and a dress that was adorable. I have been taking some wacko pics as well, and styling myself for them. I’ll post one here to show you:

Sexy, no? That’s one of the new Truth styles I picked up, called “Rachel” in Platinum blonde. And I snuck this pic at work, shhhh! Anyway the Truth use-store-card-and-get-50%-off-deal ends June 7 at 7:00 PM SLT.

If you’re hankering for an up-close and personal with moi, I’ll be at the Fashion Expo tonight after 6-ish? Maybe we’ll pass like ships in the night, or maybe, we’ll collide….

hearts, Kalia