Hardly Seldom

If you read this blog semi regularly, you’ll have noticed that I’ve blogged quite a few items from Seldom Blue by IndigoBlue Dagostino. She let me know that her Sensations Gown in deep pink is on sale until June 22 for only L$ 50! It comes with several wearing options as usual, the top is on all 3 layers and the glitch pants on both pants and underpants. It also comes with 3 accessories: a sheer wrap, a choker and a neck scarf, and this in addition to the several styles of the skirt available.

I’ve modeled all the options, starting with the wrap and both layers of the floor-length skirt. The opera-length gloves make it perfect for a formal occasion, or you can do something like this…

With the choker and the fishtail skirt, you get a different look, something that verges on the exotic – perhaps a bit of a Spanish influence there. The detail on all pieces is quite beautiful and exact.

You can see that the attention to detail includes the sequins that hang off the edge of the neck scarf; and I really like that touch of realism to it. The shading under the bust area is also very nice, and it shows an improvement from the earlier items.

The final verdict? You’d be crazy not to pick this up!


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