I Got Words…

Running through my mind…ew, sounds like a bad country song there. Ignore that bit. So, I was reading some of my favorite RL celebrity gossip sites today and came upon “blind items” which is basically a bit of gossip without a name attached. People guess who it is but the answer seems not to be revealed directly by the author at any time. I was thinking it would be fun to do some SL™ blind items. Anything from crazy quotes, drama llama gossip, catching someone in a compromising position…I dunno. Something to be a wee bit different and break up the monotony of the SL™ feeds. I don’t know how my readers feel about that, so post a comment here or let me know by IM in-world.

I’ll post an example for anyone unfamiliar (and this is totally made up):

“This slebrity has been seen hanging around with her known arch nemesis, is some sort of reconciliation in the works?”


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