Happy 2nd Rezday To Me!

I am officially 2 years old today!

And with that comes a new birth, as you may have noticed this blog is taking a more humorous and fun turn, although there are some other changes in store. I’ll also be doing some more personal pieces in future, along with the blind items, product reviews, fashion finds and so on; I’ll be starting pieces about issues in the fashion and modeling world, such as: people who cheat to win contests, the morality of the fashion world, morality versus consumerism, and other things are on the to do list.

Over the last 2 years, and about 23 months the blog has been up, I’ve learned a lot, experienced a lot and made some big mistakes as well as accomplishments. I have realized, especially with the rising number of readers, that I have a voice and that I can’t be afraid to use it. There once was a time when I cared what strangers or other bloggers or designers thought of me and my opinion. Truthfully, this led me to hold back and bite my tongue on some occasions. Thankfully, I finally have some real inspirational people in my slife, as well as great friends and amazing parents.

So, I’m celebrating today in my own way and looking forward to the rest of my slife!


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