What Sound Does A Panda Make?

Is it like bear growl? I always imagined as a child, that a panda had a cute voice, as if it was coated in powdery sugar.

I felt very much like a panda in my new outfit from Olive Juice by Swan Ling, which is appropriately called “Pretty Panda”. That hat has both ear flaps and round ears on top, and the skirt has a wee black pompom tail on the back. My favorite detail about the outfit is the little panda stuffie that is tucked inside the waistband of the skirt. He comes with his own little hat, which makes this guy add loads of kyoot to the overall look. I adore the arm and leg warmers, as well as everything else! I couldn’t find the right hair for this look yet, so I’ll probably be wandering around in this without the hat for a while. At L$ 200, this is a steal! With all the prim-work put into this set, you could easily be charged double.

This Pretty Panda gets two thumbs up from me.


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