Amodica Press Release

Thought you knew design?

Think Again.

Amodica is here.

Amodica launches on 3rd July 2008 uniting two Second Life companies – Lookr Fashions and PRrim Designs, into one company.

Why have we done this? In the interest of future expansion and brand recognition, we felt the timing was right to create a single company with the aim of growth and becoming a market leader in providing Second Life residents everything they look for in the metaverse in one place.

Imagine the of Second Life. A single store where you can pick from a large variety of ranges to select the style that suits you best. For this reason, we’re launching several new companies, all branched under the umbrella company of Amodica.

Amodica is owned by Adam Soler and Prad Prathivi, with assistance from Natalya Homewood and Rrishanna Regina. A proven team which has been hailed in numerous Second Life media for their high quality work, dedication and attention to detail. Amodica is our most ambitious project yet, as we aim to improve and enhance your Second Life experience.

Think of a store where you can buy a complete starter kit to your Second Life. Packages which will transform your avatar, with all the customisation you demand. Selecting your home, all the furniture and even finding the land to set it up on – all just in a single visit to Amodica.

The following outlines the 12 branches of Amodica:

Amodica Design – Design will bring together the customised aspects of Amodica. Covering all custom work from clothing and textures, to building and sim developments, Design will continue the reputation of providing high quality, well designed content to our customers.

Amodica Lookr – Formerly Lookr fashions, Amodica Lookr will maintain its range of high quality, stylish and meaningful menswear and women’s clothing, and will continue to branch out into hair, accessories, skins and jewellery, providing the best look for your avatar.

Amodica Furniture – Formerly PRrim Designs, Furniture will continue its range of modern, contemporary designs and innovate to provide you with best quality products for every room in your home.

Amodica Graphics – As RL graphic designers, we can provide you with branding, website design and logo designs and media solutions, all completed to our high standard to give your company the best start or makeover.

Studio Amodica – Having a reputation as one of Second Life’s most popular photographers, Studio will continue to provide the best look to your avatar, products or builds.

Amodica Prefabs – A wide range of our prefab homes will be available soon, all designed by a real life architect and beautifully textured and finished so you can relax in the confines of your abode.

Amodica Botanicals – As one of the finest landscaping service providers in Second Life, Botanicals can provide complete landscaping solutions for your land. Our own range of botanical products will be launched later this year, and will expand to cover vegetation for all terrains.

Amodica Marine – Coming soon, a range of boats, yachts and marine equipment to get you going on the open seas! All built and textured to the high quality standard you’d expect from Amodica’s designers!

Amodica Home – Providing more traditional homes and furniture for your Second Life. As an already established designer of modern homes and furniture, we plan to move into more traditional styles, but continuing our reputation of original and beautifully textured designs.

Amodica Play – Novelty products and toys of a more fun nature, which interact and will provide an new and exciting experience to Second Life.. watch this space!

Amodica Poser – Coming soon will be our range of poses and animations for use in photography, furniture and anywhere your imagination allows!

Amodica Script – Providing innovative scripted HUDs and products to help make your Second Life experience easier and more exciting!

We hope you continue to visit and shop at Amodica as we expand over the coming months and years, and provide solutions for your Second Life experience all at one store.

The Amodica Team.


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