A Look At Serene Sensations

The last time I reviewed items from Serene Sensations by Soraya Blachere was quite some time ago. So I took the opportunity to look at two recent outfits to see what progress has been made.

The first outfit I am wearing is called La Juji Pourpre. It’s a mess of feathers in white, purple and black, with a black and purple bodice. There is a flexi arm tie for your right arm, as well as gloves, stockings and the feathery collar/chest piece. You can wear the skirt short or long (it looked best layered to me). All this can be yours for L$ 580.

The second outfit I took a look at is called Adore Romantic. This is a delicate, lacy, number with tons of variations. It comes with collar, wrap 2 layers of top with lacy cuffs, 3 styles of skirt, stockings, and lacy stocking tops. I think my favorite was the babydoll style, it definitely lived up to its name, romantic. This outfit is also L$ 580 for all the pieces.

I also dropped by the main store today and I think that anyone who wants to look more unique will enjoy these whimsical and fun dresses, as well as the rest of the collection.


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