Kungler’s New Releases

Wow already two new outfits from Kungler’s! After the fashion show yesterday, I can only assume that they are many of you who are wondering what is coming out next. These just came out today, so have an early look:

This is called Luminna and is a great alternative to the little black dress, try the little silver dress instead! The retro print waistband and collar, along with the deco earrings make this more than just the standard party dress. I love the shading and highlights on the dress, it gives the texture real depth. Luminna can be yours for only L$ 249.

This second outfit is called Nicolle. It is a more outrageous and wild look than some of Kungler’s other designs. The lace stockings make it classic, but the rest of the outfit is definitely more of a risk. The bright pink sequined bolero can dress up any outfit so it is versatile in that way. The bodice is also decorated with black sequins in a corset-like pattern. The knee-length skirt is plain, so you can also use it with another top. Want to get your own? Arrive armed with L$ 399.


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