Request: Visual Kei

I am looking for places that specialize in the visual kei style or are influenced by it – specifically for guys, but girls stuff is great too. I did some searching myself but I didn’t turn up with want I want, for reference here are a couple of pictures of things:

And hey, if you know any visual kei boys in-world, that would be awesome too  – hook a girl up!


6 thoughts on “Request: Visual Kei

  1. Hey Kalia –
    I’ve looked all over for viskei clothes, and it’s pretty much impossible to find any fully premade outfits. I am trying to get good enough at ps to remedy that.
    Being, at heart, a viskei boy myself, I do know some places to find some good base pieces, and I would be more than happy to talk to you about them.
    I do also know quite a few pretty boys of the visual variety, so I can help you out with the sheer eyecandy aspect as well.
    Give me an IM sometime if you want.

    Tomoyuki Batra

  2. Ohhh yesh! i am the fan girl of The Gazette! *second piccie* and last week i made a male avi based on visual Kei! it was sooo hard so i will give u a few tip * blinks*
    for skins I would look at Trap-they just released jrock inspired skins-, Dream Anubis had a skin store which i got mine from there but i forgot the name now -.-`, also honmoku and honmoku hills sim has cute stores like dreaming alice etc can be found there some too..
    hmm for shapes i couldnt find anything i liked cause i wanted something like both manly and girly like uruha.. so i made my own..-.-` for hair i go for gritty kitty noam makes wonderful jrock hair ! also deviant kitties of course..
    for clohting barerose! is a must other than again japanese sims have lotsa options also harajukubox too!
    anyways hope u find what u looking for it was hard for me i spent whole 2 days to get it to work XP
    ah also this s what i came up with:
    Dream Guy !

  3. For skins I recommend [[Trap]] they have some great JRock Skins that are about 700L each. They give you that rockin Visual Kei look.

    As for hair…….Deviant Kitties has a pretty rad JRock hairstyle and also [[Trap]] has a few hairstyles in-store.

    As for rockin pants you should check out Strayer. They have some great pants that are about 75L each. They can either be worn towards a glam or visual kei style depending on how you assemble your outfit 😀

  4. Yeah that’s Alice Nine in the top pic, and The Gazette in the second pic. I love those guys!

    I’m going to be working on this quest in the future and will post my results.

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