New From Kunglers

It’s already a new week, and once again I have some sweet new releases from Kungler’s Design. This first dress is called Sophie, and it has a wonderfully deep v-neck that plunges to the light green sash that ties into a bow on the back. The bodice plays with blue, purple, gold and greens with these colors continuing to the long flexi skirt (2 versions included). Those same colors are repeated in the bangles that come with the dress. I absolutely love the top of this dress, I’m going to be working it into as many outfits as possible.

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Tonight Is The Night!

It’s finally the night that I DJ J-Rockapalooza at Hooters N Shooters! I’ll be starting my all J-Rock/Visual Kei set around 8PM PST/SLT. There will be a freebie for all guests, the Nerdy Glasses from Olive Juice! As well, we’ll be giving away some other prizes donated by Olive Juice so you might just get your hands on some kawaii goodness.

I hope to see you guys there, and yes, I do take requests!

Another Bit Of Info

That awesome J-Rock event I’m DJing tomorrow night will be at 8PM PST/SLT so mark it on your calenders! We’ll be giving away a freebie for everyone…and…there will be some give-a-ways. Ooooh what could it be? Pics will be posted tomorrow afternoon ^^ Stay tuned!

So What’s That Event?

Yes, we had a correct guess! It’s a new J-rock event that will be held monthly, and possibly more! We’ll be decked out in J-rock/Visual Kei style and rocking out to the best Japanese tunes. When and where? It’s this Saturday, August 30…but you’ll have to check back tomorrow to find out where and what time 🙂

There might even be some more surprises in store…

Fiertze Couture Breaks Out

Taken at Harajukubox City

Taken at Harajukubox City

I’m so excited that Fiertze Couture is finally open! I had been anticipating this for a while now being friends with a couple of people on the team. I’m wearing a few items by them in this picture, the Wild Horses t-shirt in Blue, the Straight Leg Pop Jeans in Pink Wash and the Half Gloves in Azure. These are some great hand-drawn clothing items, with sculpty details like the cuffs of the jeans and the rolled up sleeves on the t-shirt.

Taken at Harajukubox City

Taken at Harajukubox City

Another great item by Fiertze Couture are their lashes. They are 2 prims, one for each eye, making it very easy to adjust to your own eye shape. There are no bottom lashes, but the top ones are full and dramatic, and I don’t really miss the bottom part. By this point you might be wondering “So what about the prices?” From my sleuthing I could find that prices start at L$ 65-75, with nothing over L$ 200 except the Variety Packs of hair (under L$500 for 12 colors).  They also have a box of “freebies” for L$ 1, with some very cute tops!

Dear J’s…Where is the 5th Toe?

I was hanging out with my friends earlier and one of them pointed out that another one had only 4 toes. I looked at my friend’s foot and lo and behold, there were only 4 prim toes! At first, I thought it was the angle, so I looked from the side.

I don’t think I’m missing it. So I ask you dear J’s…Where is the 5th toe?

Hair Fair Demos Available Now!

In case you haven’t heard yet, this year, the demos for the hair fair (which opens tomorrow!) are available on Onrez a day before the fair actually begins. This means you get a sneak peek at what will be available for purchase, but you can also grab all the demos without traipsing through the lag for hours. If you don’t have an Onrez account you’ll need to sign up for one, but this takes only only a few minutes. Then you can send all the demos you like (or all, if you’re like me) to your avatar to try on.

I’m going to go raid Onrez now…excuse me…

Sexy and Sassy: Noena

This is the new release from Kungler’s Design, called Noena (click on the picture to see it bigger). You could set your clock by the new releases from this design house. It comes in the three color combos shown here, black, white and green. There is a lace up corset, and lacing down the sleeves that mimics the corset. The cut of the neck is similar on both the front and the back, adding to the sensuality of the dress. The textures on the dress are really nice, it has a satiny sheen to it, as does the corset. Each color gives the dress a different feeling, lending it’s use to a variety of situations and occasions. Go grab one for yourself this week, for only L$ 249!