Loving The Lace

Back to our regularly scheduled program…once again I have some new items from Kungler’s Design that are to be released this week and all of you get a sneaky peek right here, right now. The first one is from their lingerie shop. Paulinna is a three-piece outfit, consisting of corset, panties and thigh-high stockings. It is available in 4 colors, aqua (shown), red, golden and purple. Simple yet classy, this is something you could wear under a business suit or for your lover in privacy.

And the second release for this week is Bella, with the white jeans and low-cut top. The top comes in 2 versions, the opaque one and then a sheer one, each with corresponding side buckle. The pants have the ever popular prim cuffs, which I really enjoy because it makes the pants look more polished. As well, you get the set of bangles to finish off the look. I like the hand drawn details in this outfit, its something I’m generally becoming more fond of with photosourcing becoming more and more popular.

Both outfits are feminine and sexy without showing too much, demonstrating that Kungler’s Design is truly a class act.


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