SLSAH Blind Item #2

A juicy new blind item…

This “designer” is known for using their friends to make the prims for their outfits without giving them a piece of the profits. More than that, they’re underage and it shows…how immature is it to lie about your so-called friends to LLβ„’ and steal money from someone’s account? What a shitty thing to do.

Keep these coming people! What are some pieces of gossip you want to get off your chest? Let me know πŸ™‚

PS: The point of a blind item is for people to guess who it is… *wink*


36 thoughts on “SLSAH Blind Item #2

  1. is it Kyoot? I noticed their attatchments are always created by several different people and when I check their profiles they do not appear to be affliated with the store….


  2. LOL definitely not Kyoot. Sae may look younger than her years (god damn her) but she certainly isn’t underage!

  3. Haha. Yeah. Not so much.

    I have started to work with people, yes. It’s not a secret, no. Have I always done this? Nope. Not until the past two months. I design things and occasionally contract out for people to create sculpts for me. Sculpt designs that I take to them and have them custom create to my specifications. I am learning sculpts, but have not gotten to the point where I can easily or quickly create what I envision and so, like any business person, I look for others who can.

    Everyone I work with is a dear friend from sl or rl and are paid very well. I enjoy working with other people.. we have a lot of fun. It always makes me laugh what a big deal it is for people when designers collaborate. Like its some big secret they don’t want the world to know. As if it’s cheating somehow. As if designers aren’t allowed to do such things because it’s unethical or makes you a person of lesser integrity. That’s simply just not the case.

    It’s so silly. I ask everyone I choose to work with upfront what credit they would like and am happy to support their right to remain unknown or to have their name put up on my vendors. It’s their choice, as is their pay. I ask them to tell me, they do and I say yes. Done deal.

    So for the record…

    Mobstress Hat: Worked with Fade Dana (Hat Mechanique!) on this. She created the hats, I textured them. She didn’t want credit, but I announced they were by her anyway. She has also used textures of mine on some of her things. I love it. No big deal. It was always a mini sl dream of mine to do something with her and still is. She helped bring that outfit to life with the hat I knew it needed.

    New Money Hats: Designed the shape, took shape idea to Mistress Midnight and contracted her to create the sculpt shape and main texture for it. She did a kick ass job. I redid the other colours of textures myself. She is also working on a collar piece for an upcoming jacket that is yet to be released. She is turning out to be one fine sculptor and I’m thankful to be working with her.

    New Money Dress: A RL friend with a graphic arts background joined me in sl and is learning to translate what she knows in rl into clothes making in sl. The dresses were designed by me and created by Constence Constantine in Photoshop as per my idea. I created the shirts and belts that are included in the outfits. She knows nothing about sl but is a terrific rl graphic designer and so this worked well.

    Other random little things: I could name a ton, but in the end the point is.. it’s all my idea, my project, my branding, my design, my taste.. and it’s all what I choose to represent me as a designer/content creator. I think there is nothing unethical in that and I think it’s GOOD to support designers collaborating, it encourages growth and diversity.

    When it’s done well and with integrity and fair pay and a little fun then who really cares? It’s not some big conspiracy that majority of designers have to cover these things up.. it’s not crop circles or a grassy knoll.. it’s people working together to create an end product that is the best it can be. At least in my case. While I know no one is claiming anything or discussing the ethics involved in contracting or collaboration, it all just needed to be said.

    p.s – Since I’m on a roll here.. for those wondering (because I get asked a lot). Everything I make now is wholly hand drawn. Yes, once upon a newb designer I photo-sourced. I have been slowly filtering out anything that isn’t 100% hand drawn or inspired pretty much straight from my brain and will continue to do so. I have no moral position on this.. I just like the feeling of making a buckle or rouching from scratch and it helps me learn new tricks and techniques along the way.

    p.p.s. – Also, I’d like it noted that although I REALLY wish I could say I’m underage. I’m 31 years old but don’t look a day over 25 πŸ˜€

    Annnnd that’s my public rant for the year. See you in 2009.

  4. I thought 31 was the new 25? hehe

    ok, I am taking a purely random guess, as I don’t know this person and don’t want that person to get all pissy if I am wrong, but is it Stiletto Moody? like I said a purely random guess as I heard she uses others to make her shoes.

  5. Nope. But it’s true that she uses builders, a bunch of lines do. It’s about the not sharing profits and other bits that are irksome.
    The hint is there, just look closely…

  6. Still wrong, it’s not even about the line, it’s about all the other bits, so if you don’t like it, don’t read it. And commenting with your own guess? Don’t you think that’s a wee bit hypocritical?

  7. Holy shit, it’s not Tenshi, is it? I really don’t know if she makes her own prim stuff or not, but I’m pretty sure the whole “What are some pieces of gossip you want to get off your chest? Let me know” thing is a reference to something she posted on SCD. I don’t know, I may not agree with everything she says but this is still kind of a crappy thing to do (to anyone, for that matter.)

  8. Is it Garbage Prototype?

    Although he has been around longer than most of us, he just announced graduating from High School this past June. I always thought it was rather fishy that someone who has been a part of the SL fashion world for 4 years just graduated high school. This makes him the most well known underage avatar in all of SL. I will give him that his rez date(7/20/2004) could be from the teen grid however blogs about Random began appearing in late 2004 and in his own words: “I first opended my store “The Random” way back in August 16th, 2004″ ( – 3rd blog down)

  9. Hi Kalia! Your blind items are fun, but certainly not me guys πŸ˜› I’m not immature……. LOL! Or steal $ or underage! Well, maybe a tad immature at times, but def not the other stuff.

  10. I don’t think it’s Tenshi, she’s not underage. Some of tenshi’s prims are her own, some are friend’s help/suggestions. Same with Iris, she’s not underage either plus I can’t imagine either of them stealing.

    I’m not sure on Garbage’s age but Jesse Malthus was a very well known underage avatar as well. Look in help->about in the credits of your client. I just am sharing that. (no point really)

    As for this blind item – I can’t even guess, but I’m guessing the real crime here was the linden theft and outing their friends to LL, rather than having other people create their prims since a lot of us collaborate with friends often.

  11. Aw, Teagan Blackthorne is a nice girl… Poor thing.

    As for Ana Boogiewoogie, I don’t know the girl.. but maybe it’s a hint? What a “shitty” thing to do? I’m unsure, just connecting the dots.

  12. Garbage Prototype started Second Life underaged, but he did not steal what-so-ever. The boy makes plenty of money, I’m pretty sure he wouldnt steal anyone elses.

  13. Jesus christ guys. One: Jesse Malthus died last year at a tragically young age. If you didn’t know this, you do now. If you did know this, have some respect.

    Secondly, some of you calling out names here are really quite surprising and I guess it tells us who really thinks what about whom, doesn’t it? Don’t expect a Christmas Party invite this year, folks, the well’s gone dry!

  14. Wow… i was under the impression it was Ana Boogiewoogie. I heard she stole like 175K from some dude…could just be hearsay i suppose. But suspicious how the store is closing and all too. Shitty?.. Shit happens… i think its her.

  15. Lawl. :]

    I never “stole” anything from anyone, especially not 175k. Probably what you heard was me borrowing money from Gaia, with permission. And I am paying it off. Please do ask him if you don’t believe me. :]

    The store isn’t closing for good either, it’s reopening under a new brand. Which.. you know, if you knew anything about me in the first place, you’d know.

    But hey, i’ll let y’all think whatever you want.

  16. I was merely playing along with the game and making as educated of a guess as I could possibly make, sorry If I offended. I don’t know of a Gaia, so hard for me to ask, but thank you for that offer :].

    As for Shit Happens closing, hmmmm, I don’t remember saying for good, so sorry you made the assumption that that is what I meant.

    I might know more about you than you like to think, but hey, I’ll let you think whatever you want.

    Next guess?

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