Reminder: Coming Up This Weekend

The Natural Beauty contest is just a couple of days away now! I guess I neglected to mention I am one of the competing contestants, but I am! The thing that drew me to this contest was that all the contestants exposed their idea of beauty, and not just the outer beauty. Having met most of my fellow contestants, I can truly say there is a wonderful bunch of ladies competing, and it has nothing to do with how they look (course they are all gorgeous as well).

To read more about the competition, SLNN reporter Sysperia Poppy did a great piece about it and the Weekend of Beauty in September, which can be read here. Fellow contestant and blogger, Rhi Rossini also did a blog about the competition on Second Style Fashionista.

Remember to join on on Saturday, August 9 at 12 pm. Here is the direct link to the competition site.


3 thoughts on “Reminder: Coming Up This Weekend

  1. Gah! Sorry to muck up your page with questions Kalia but I was wondering what skin that is in the photo. I’ve seen several people with it these past few days and I had forgotten about it until now. Thanks in advance,


  2. BTW: That picture was done by Miabella Foxley…and the skin in that picture is from Detour if I’m not mistaken.

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