While I’m Here…HoH New Stuffs!

Hi guys, so while I had my blog still open I got the newest releases from HoH by Sheltered Heart and I knew that if I left them to tomorrow I would probably forget all about them, with the excitement of the Natural Beauty contest. So Instead I’ll post using the designer’s own pics.

So here is the dealio, I tried all the new hairs, and Windsong is my absolute favorite. I admit I love a good bohemian hairstyle, and the flower is the perfect touch. I wore the brown hair around for a bit already. Didn’t match my outfit so I took it off, but I really love this one. The flipped-out ends are very Farah Fawcett, totally 70’s. Not only that, but buying some of these won’t set you back by very much. The prices at HoH break down like this:

Single packs are L$ 195 and have 5 colors.
Double packs L$ 290L and have 10 colors
Kit and Kaboodle packs are L$ 700 (all colors).
Demos are $L 0 – that’s free!

Here are the other hairs (saying wig doesn’t appeal to me) that were released today, go grab a demo and see what they’re all about:


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