Classic Black and White

Once again we have our weekly releases from Kungler’s Design. The first is a classic knee-length, strapless yet casual, dress. Kungler’s consistently assembles full outfits with accessories and little touches that take it from pieces of clothing to a comprehensive look. The dress is called Metropolli, and it has a black, gray and white square pattern, with black details. It also comes with the set of black bangles and black nailpolish (on the glove layer). You’ll be happy to know that the dress with the accessories is a very reasonable L$ 299.

The second outfit being released this week is called Nina. It features a sheer black, patterned, long-sleeve shirt, a black and white plaid corset with red zipper, and indigo jeans – finished with a split cuff. The black beaded necklaces are also included, one short and one long. The tops are both on shirt and undershirt layers for added convenience. Once again, this release is selling for L$ 299.


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