Dear J’s…Where is the 5th Toe?

I was hanging out with my friends earlier and one of them pointed out that another one had only 4 toes. I looked at my friend’s foot and lo and behold, there were only 4 prim toes! At first, I thought it was the angle, so I looked from the side.

I don’t think I’m missing it. So I ask you dear J’s…Where is the 5th toe?


9 thoughts on “Dear J’s…Where is the 5th Toe?

  1. Two possible responses:

    1. They are special Tennessee Toes, and although there are only four on each foot, when you wear them, an extra finger appears on each HAND.

    2. With such beautiful feet, eight toes are sufficient: ten would cause swooning, delirium, etc.

  2. I got it all figured out…..

    Big Toe : This little piggy went to market.
    Second toe: This little piggy stayed home
    Third Toe: This little piggy had roast beef
    Fourth Toe: This little piggy had none.
    Little Toe: This little piggy cried “Weee….Weee….Weee….all the way home”

    He ran home cause he is a member of PETA, and the third toe was trying to force some roast beef on him. It makes perfect sense. The Third toe is a real troublemaker when you come to think about it.


  3. Virtual World people can only have 4 toes thats the law. Be thankful you have regular number of fingers, if you were a cartoon you would not.

  4. omg I never noticed! My ankle belt sandals have 5 toes *whew*, but my cross belt pumps and tassele wedge sandals have Tennessee toes! J is trying to make freaks out of us :p

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