Natural Beauty Contest Today!

Today is the big day for all the Natural Beauty contestants including myself! The show sets off at 3 PM SLT so make sure to be there a bit early to grab a seat! Your special limo to the event is right here.


I hope to see you there, come out and support an important (often overlooked) cause!

Weekend of Beauty

This weekend the Weekend of Beauty will finally take place! It begins tomorrow with 2 major shows taking place over the weekend, World Beauty on Saturday at 12 PM and then Natural Beauty on Sunday at 3 PM.

I am one of 8 finalists in the Natural Beauty contest, but this isn’t just another contest, it’s actually very important to me which you’ll learn more about if you attend. I’m including in this post information about the weekend, which is aiming to challenge how we view beauty (if you know me, I’m a quirky and eccentric chick) and how we deal with those who have suffered from various eating disorders, so it will also be benefiting The National Eating Disorder Foundation.

The show site is: NoLIta New York (136, 131, 39) but you can get a ride by clicking here.

Official stuff is after the break…

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What I’m Wearing: September 24

I haven’t done one of these posts in a bit now so I figured I’d throw it out for you guys. I love my new boots from Bax Coen so I built an outfit around them today and wore for some shopping. I picked up the bangle and necklace set today and it really completed the outfit. You could add a sweater to this and make it really all about autumn.

What I’m Wearing:

Skin: MMS, Paris Pale Makeup1

Hair: Truth, Fifth Avenue in Platinum

Necklace and Bangle: ICoN, SW Necklace and Bangles in Silver

Tank: It’s All Good, Pink Shimmer Tank

Pants: Lookr (now called Amodica), Chinos in Grey Plaid

Boots: Bax Coen, BAXAnkle Boots in Black Patent

Sexy, Then Sweet

Today I have for you 2 new dresses from Kungler’s Design by AvaGardner Kungler and Barbra Kungler. I am so in love with the first dress, Sarah. It is absolutely sexy without being trashy, and the possibilites with the dress are endless… flirty on a date, sexy for the club, retro for the old school bird in you…I could go on but I won’t bore you with that. The charcoal body of the dress is accented with the purple band across the top, and the same purpley-charcoal hue is repeated in the pearls on the avant-garde wire necklace that is included with the dress. What an amazing dress for only L$ 349.

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Boutique De Liberté

I have been meaning to post this new store, still in pre-launch mode, Boutique De Liberté for a couple of days but have been way too busy in both lives. Anyway, the designers Ana Boogiewoogie and Jiraiya Tuqiri were kind enough to send me this great outfit to check out. I’m right outside their store, located at Salina Beach which is a really pretty shopping area to scope out if you have some time.

Here I’m wearing the Bopot Shirt in Green and the Poured Pants in Purple. The shirts go for L$ 45 each, and the fatpack of all 6 colors is L$ 245. The pants with prim cuffs are L$ 75 each with the fatpacks available for L$ 375. Currently both the shirt and pants are offered in 6 colors. All of their items come in several colors, at least 6 options per item which is great for someone like me who is really getting into mixing bright colors. None of the colors are shockingly bright which makes them easier to mix, in my opinion.

What’s really interesting to learn is that they will be offering these designs in real life which you’ll be able to purchase online. Keep an eye out for the official statement on this to come in the near future!

Celebrating 10 000 Views!

I just wanted to take the time to thank everyone who has read my blog since it moved from Blogger. As of today there has been over 10 000 views and it really means a lot to me! I wish I could thank you all individually, but since I can’t, here’s another picture of me 😛

Precious Jewels

Yesterday I updated everyone about a store I hadn’t covered in a while, called Seldom Blue. Today I am bringing you two L$ 1 jewelry sets which are part of their new expansion. New partner, Singsong Writer is responsible for the new offerings. Above pictured is the Ocean Shell Set in Silver, the earrings and matching bracelet would be a welcome addition to any wardrobe.

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Touché Polka Rug Chatter, Corrected

A few days ago there was some chatter about an item from the Touché box hunt that took place a week and a half ago or so.  Shay Savon, the designer in question, has been offline due to living in Galveston, TX and being hit by Hurricane Ike. I left her an offline message which she was able to respond to at work today via email. Anyway, the accusation was made that hunt item #6, a polka dot rug, contained a malicious script which wanted to take unauthorized money from the rug owner. She sent me a response to set the record straight as she can’t log in to either her blog or SL from work.

“There was a rug, Polka rug, for half a day it was available with a vendor script in it, and i was unaware, but as soon as it was pointed out, i replaced it, and put a blog up on the matter.  Anyone with any issues may drop me a notecard, and as soon as i have power, which may be a good couple weeks, hopefully not though, i will personally contact and fix all issues. They should know it is a simple vendor script. split profit, made to 0 percent split.  It will do no damage.  It will ask to grant permission to transfer funds.  However, all it will do is allow for my rug to be sold by the person holding it.  So really, they just gained a full perm rug with resale possibilities.  They may delete it and i will replace it upon my return to the game.”

So, that is the skinny on the polka rug and I will ask any further concern to be directed to Shay via notecard to be answered upon her return, which may not be for another week.

Sweet Deals From Seldom Blue

It’s been a little while since I heard anything from Seldom Blue designer IndigoBlue Dagostino, but today I found out that the store with big savings has moved to a brand new, much larger, location and has expanded to include separate wedding and jewelry sections. Today I bring you 2 lovely lingerie sets that are available at L$ 1 for one week.

The top photo is of the Petra Black Sequin Camisole, and I appreciate that the bra and panty part are available on each layer. The prim part of the camisole is modifiable so if it doesn’t fit you straight away you can stretch or shrink it until it does (remember to make a copy first!). The print used is the same as the Petra gown I blogged a while back, which is still one of my favorite dresses so I was immediately fond of this pretty number.

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