On Film: Skin Flicks

I recently received the Zuwena Skins from Skin Flicks, by Mavis McGettigan. These skins are sold only in singles for the price of L$ 999 each.  In this line there are six skin tones and each have six make-up options. The one I’m wearing in the above photo is Majestic Shadow in the Natural Beige tone, which suits me quite well. I’m also wearing the Zuwena eyes, which are blue and purple, they’re really pretty and it makes a change from the plain blue ones I normally wear. There is also a shape and eyebrow shape included, but I chose to wear my own, so you can see how it looks on me as is.

The fur stole pictured above is also from Skin Flicks, and I haven’t seen another one like it around. It’s called the Hanna Fur Stole in Brown. Fur in RL isn’t cool, but in SL™ it’s just adorable! It reminds me of something a glamorous movie star would have worn in Hollywood years ago. It comes in other color options as well, with each going for L$ 199.


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