Cheap n’ Dirty

Heads out of the gutter, this all about the cute stuffs from a store I was just introduced to! It’s called Welfare, and those of you with a small budget will be happy to know that the name isn’t misleading.

Designer Buttons Weezles has 4 shapes, 7 skins, and the tank and jeans I’m wearing available so far. So, what am I wearing exactly? I’m wearing the Stained Beater and Stained Pants which go for L$ 15 each. As well, I’m wearing one of the skins available, called Mermaidish. The skins are L$ 50 each, and looks like a modded Another Skin, but I could be wrong about that.

The store is located right next door to Old Gravy, so you can have yourself a bit of a shopping trip. I also noticed a subscription board, so if you want to see what else Welfare will come up with you can hit that board up and wait for the updates to roll in.


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