Sweet Deals From Seldom Blue

It’s been a little while since I heard anything from Seldom Blue designer IndigoBlue Dagostino, but today I found out that the store with big savings has moved to a brand new, much larger, location and has expanded to include separate wedding and jewelry sections. Today I bring you 2 lovely lingerie sets that are available at L$ 1 for one week.

The top photo is of the Petra Black Sequin Camisole, and I appreciate that the bra and panty part are available on each layer. The prim part of the camisole is modifiable so if it doesn’t fit you straight away you can stretch or shrink it until it does (remember to make a copy first!). The print used is the same as the Petra gown I blogged a while back, which is still one of my favorite dresses so I was immediately fond of this pretty number.

The second lingerie set is called Eva White Lace Camisole and it is the more romantic sister to the above Petra. The delicate white lace is perfect for a wedding night on a blushing bride. Once again, as with all prims from Seldom Blue, the flouncy frilly bit (whatever it is really called) is modifiable to fit you best; and you get the non-prim panty and bra on all layers.

Keep an eye out for another post about the “new and improved” Seldom Blue coming soon!


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