Touché Polka Rug Chatter, Corrected

A few days ago there was some chatter about an item from the Touché box hunt that took place a week and a half ago or so.  Shay Savon, the designer in question, has been offline due to living in Galveston, TX and being hit by Hurricane Ike. I left her an offline message which she was able to respond to at work today via email. Anyway, the accusation was made that hunt item #6, a polka dot rug, contained a malicious script which wanted to take unauthorized money from the rug owner. She sent me a response to set the record straight as she can’t log in to either her blog or SL from work.

“There was a rug, Polka rug, for half a day it was available with a vendor script in it, and i was unaware, but as soon as it was pointed out, i replaced it, and put a blog up on the matter.  Anyone with any issues may drop me a notecard, and as soon as i have power, which may be a good couple weeks, hopefully not though, i will personally contact and fix all issues. They should know it is a simple vendor script. split profit, made to 0 percent split.  It will do no damage.  It will ask to grant permission to transfer funds.  However, all it will do is allow for my rug to be sold by the person holding it.  So really, they just gained a full perm rug with resale possibilities.  They may delete it and i will replace it upon my return to the game.”

So, that is the skinny on the polka rug and I will ask any further concern to be directed to Shay via notecard to be answered upon her return, which may not be for another week.


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