Precious Jewels

Yesterday I updated everyone about a store I hadn’t covered in a while, called Seldom Blue. Today I am bringing you two L$ 1 jewelry sets which are part of their new expansion. New partner, Singsong Writer is responsible for the new offerings. Above pictured is the Ocean Shell Set in Silver, the earrings and matching bracelet would be a welcome addition to any wardrobe.

The second set on sale is the Palace Fountain in Red Gold. The earrings and matching tiara definately remind me of an ornate fountain. I’ve never seen red gold before, it’s very similar to a shiney, polished, copper. Every girl needs at least one tiara or crown in their inventory, and for that price you can’t turn this one down.

The craftsmanship on all the pieces shows an attention to detail. To ensure a perfect fit, all the prims are adjustable, just like the clothing in store. If you’d like to keep up to date on the products of Seldom Blue, check out their blog:


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