Sexy, Then Sweet

Today I have for you 2 new dresses from Kungler’s Design by AvaGardner Kungler and Barbra Kungler. I am so in love with the first dress, Sarah. It is absolutely sexy without being trashy, and the possibilites with the dress are endless… flirty on a date, sexy for the club, retro for the old school bird in you…I could go on but I won’t bore you with that. The charcoal body of the dress is accented with the purple band across the top, and the same purpley-charcoal hue is repeated in the pearls on the avant-garde wire necklace that is included with the dress. What an amazing dress for only L$ 349.

The second dress is called Yasminn and comes with more wearable options. There are two type of top – one with prim cuffs, a purple nail polish and a baby blue nail polish, the skirt and the stockings. The first top has a sheer top that layers with the camisole, and sheer prim cuffs.

The second version is the camisole on it’s own and it reveals a bit more skin at the hips. You could also wear the first top without the cuffs and then it would seem less formal. Take off the stockings and add some sandals to the second way to wear Yasminn, and you have a sweet summer outfit. You get all of this for L$ 299, which is great considering how many ways you can wear these pieces together, not to mention you could do some serious mix-and-match as well.

Also some more news for Kungler’s fans, there’s a new Flickr group for you join that’s the spot for you to show off what you can do in your favorite items from Kungler’s Design.


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