Weekend of Beauty

This weekend the Weekend of Beauty will finally take place! It begins tomorrow with 2 major shows taking place over the weekend, World Beauty on Saturday at 12 PM and then Natural Beauty on Sunday at 3 PM.

I am one of 8 finalists in the Natural Beauty contest, but this isn’t just another contest, it’s actually very important to me which you’ll learn more about if you attend. I’m including in this post information about the weekend, which is aiming to challenge how we view beauty (if you know me, I’m a quirky and eccentric chick) and how we deal with those who have suffered from various eating disorders, so it will also be benefiting The National Eating Disorder Foundation.

The show site is: NoLIta New York (136, 131, 39) but you can get a ride by clicking here.

Official stuff is after the break…


Contact: JennyH GossipGirl, Jenny@ImpressioneGroup.com

Impressione Brings the Excitement of Milan’s Fashion Week to Second Life and Raises Awareness for Healthy Living with the “Weekend of Beauty”

The WoB events begin on Friday, September 26th, 2008 and conclude on Sunday, September 28th, 2008. This 72-hour event runs concurrently with Milan Fashion Week and and to benefit a good cause, The National Eating Disorder Foundation.  The event focuses on health and beauty in all shapes and sizes all over the world, as well as celebrating diversity in fashion, art, and music.

“It is all too easy to become trapped into preconceived notions of beauty, which threatens to harm the self-image, and can even result in dangerous, destructive, and extreme behaviors.” says JennyH GossipGirl of Impressione who adds, “An important mission of the Impressione Weekend of Beauty is to promote a healthy lifestyle and raise awareness of at-risk behaviors — eating disorders in particular.”

In the spirit of Milan Fashion Week, there are two runway shows and a sim-wide treasure hunt. The first show, World Beauty will be on Saturday at 12 noon. World Beauty presents a look at what beauty means throughout different cultures all over the planet. Models will represent the people of this world in all their wonderful shapes, sizes, colors and clothing traditions.

The second show, Natural Beauty, is a competition amongst the finalists in their second round. Impressione seeks to celebrate and showcase this diversity through the competition. The winner will receive over 25,000L in cash and other valuable prizes. Contestants will be judged by a celebrity panel for both their SL/RL styles and their personal statements of what Natural Beauty means to them. Natural Beauty will be on Sunday at 3pm.

WoB will include onsite vendors for purchasing the runway items featured in our World Beauty show, info/donation kiosks for NEDA, a variety of live and streamed music by SL djs and musicians, an art show, treasure hunt and plenty of places to wander and enjoy the view.

For information: http://ImpressioneGroup.com
or email Jenny@ImpressioneGroup.com

Visit the WoB of event site at http://WoB.ImpressioneGroup.com for the weekend’s full lineup.

Fashion show designers and on-site vendors include:

Adam n Eve
Akeyo Shoes
B & B Skins
Beauty Avatar
Caroline’s Jewelry
DeLa for Crimson
Diva Skins
EarthStones Jewelry
[insert cool name]
LeeZu Baxter Designs
Mashooka Designs
Minnu Model Skins and Hair
Princess for a Day
Sakurako Skin & Shape
Shapes by Kira
Shapes by Zada
WooT Fashions

Builders: Stein Shilova, Ted Cornell
Vendors provided by: Stein Shilova
Video provided by: JfR Beaumont from DBC Radio/TV
Shoutcast provided by: Ganesha Xi of Project X
DJ booking and promotions provided by: Lexx Runo and Mlita Pennell of ScoutLounge (visit http://scoutlounge.net)
Additional contributions by: Cellside Unknown, Grace Loudon, LaTaea  Rayna, Nate Ninetails, Shannon Yamabushi, Sugarr Delight, Sysperia Poppy, Tesa Jewell, Voshie Paine, Zoe Hartnell

About Impressione:

Impressione is a full service virtual worlds marketing agency, offering a complete range of services to develop your brand, both in-world and out. For more information please visit ImpressioneGroup.com


Friday, September 26th

12:00 AM    Weekend of Beauty opens to the Public
Treasure Hunt and Art Show Open (runs all 72 hours of the event)

Saturday, September 27th

2AM-6AM    DjGogo Dreadlow, Portugal (Scoutlounge DJ)
6AM-8AM    DJ Vitor Urqhart, Portugal (Scoutlounge DJ)
8AM-10AM    DJ Yohana Carter, Spain (Scoutlounge DJ)
10AM-12PM    DJ Ewan Seetan, Belgium (Scoutlounge DJ)

**12PM-2PM    World Beauty on the Runway, DJ/MC TheDiva Rockin

2PM-3PM    DJ Jase Sin, Canada (Scoutlounge DJ)
3PM-5PM    DJ Mavi Beck
5PM-6PM    DJane Barbbara Dean, Brazil (Scoutlounge DJ)
6PM-8PM    DJ Soren Reinard, US (Scoutlounge DJ)
8PM-10PM    Dj Doubledown Tandino, US (Scoutlounge DJ)
10PM-12AM    DJ Hansel Mayo, US (Scoutlounge DJ)

Sunday, September 28th

12AM-2AM    DJ Sherman McAllens, Germany (Scoutlounge DJ)
2AM-4AM    DJane Shanti Allen, Japan (Scoutlounge DJ)
4AM-7AM    DJane Deckard Eames, Japan (Scoutlunge DJ)
7AM-9AM    DJ Magicbroom Bailey, Japan (Scoutlounge DJ)
9AM-11AM    DJ Lexx Runo, Swiss (Scoutlounge DJ)
11AM-1PM    DJane Diamond Shelford, Germany (Scoutlounge DJ)
1PM-3PM    Dj Joca Sawson, Portugal (Scoutlounge Dj)

**3PM-5PM    Natural Beauty on the Runway, DJ/MC Summer Deadlight

5PM-6PM    DJ Jaycee Kass, US (Scoutlounge DJ)
6PM-8PM    DJ Azufr3 Catteneo
8PM-11PM    DJ Kromus Korobase, US (Scoutlounge DJ)



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