Fall Fashions From Kungler’s

I can’t believe it’s been a week since my last post. Since then, the weather has gotten cooler and their is autumn in the air. I have been quite busy in both lives but today I found something definately worthy of blogging. Two great new outfits are being released by Kungler’s Design this week and I had to show them to you. The first one is called Gabriella and has a leather shirt under a cowl-neck sweater. This is followed by a fat belt-styled corset, crinkled pants, and black nail polish. It’s a bit dominatrix meets holiday wear. In any case it’s an interesting combination, and of course, you can wear the tops alone, and without the belt. The sweater has prim cuffs and cowl-neck collar, and the pants have slim prim cuffs as well.

The second outfit this week is called Amazonia and I can see where this is a sort of wild, jungle influence to it. The dress is made of several panels, green fabric layered with a purple floral/tropical fabric. The layering adds a nice visual effect, with the purple pattern peeking out more at certain times. The waist is bound with a brown and purple belted corset. It has a leather feel to it once again. My favourite part of this dress is how the top mimics the skirt, and the overall silouette is really beautiful. I think this is my favourite dress from Kungler’s Design to this point.


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