Quick Mention…

I just wanted to let you all know that after the success of August’s J-Rockapalooza, we’re back with another installment tonight at 6PM PST/SLT! I’ll be at Hooters n’ Shooters once again spinning the J-Rock and J-Pop for you all, and this time there’s also a sweet contest I’m running with L$ 500 going out to 2 winners, 1 male and 1 female, everyone is welcome to attend and join in if you like 🙂 To join the contest all you have to do is show up wearing something that says J-rock/J-pop or Japanese (not literally, but if it does, hey that’s cool too).

If you need some ideas, Fashion Japan is a good place to start looking, they have some good pics.


2 thoughts on “Quick Mention…

  1. Be cool if all the stores that sell this kind of clothing were listed. It’s so hard to find it in sl. I mean Sey and Amerie’s Naughty are good start, as well as +Susie+(think that’s the stores owner) but there’s so many poser stores too so it’s hard to find the good ones like I just listed. Someone should start a good list!

  2. Good point, I’ll put a list together soonish, you can check out the blog “Beanie Loves Japan” for stuff straight from Japanese creators, the link is on the side bar.

    Off hand, I’d say Fishy Strawberry, i-Candy, Gritty Kitty are all good sources and I use some dresses from *katat0nik*. Then of course there’s a plethora of Gothic Lolita shops, like Lico Lico that have cute pieces to add or build from.

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