Feeling Festive

Happy Thanksgiving to all my fellow Canadians! I celebrated yesterday and so it’s back to the grind for me today 😉

Another week, another set of exciting releases from Kungler’s Design. The first outfit is from the couture line and is called Isobel. Yep, you’ve probably seen it all over the place in a short amount of time. It’s hard not to like this gown, it makes a big impact on you from the moment you put it on. This is the kind of dress that doesn’t need a lot of description given about it. The bangles are included for both arms and they seem to give it a more artistic flair.

The second outfit, called Laura, had a sort of retro or vintage inspiration, with the embroidered stockings and the cut-out shoulders to the top. I can already think of a couple of ways to use those stockings, so this is a must-have if only for those. Those are prim sleaves on the shirt, and you get a matching bright green nail polish to round out the look.

I wonder what’s in store for us next week…?


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