Tante Truus Gown Contest

The Tante Truus contest is based around the new gown from Sascha’s Designs. This contest started yesterday and runs until November 5, 2008. The lucky winners will be announced on November 12, 2008.

The dress is available in 11 colors for L$ 400 each, or the pack of all colors is also available for L$ 3000. Each comes with top, pants, system skirt and 3 flexi skirt options: a sleek version, a standard version and then the battleship version. That one is aptly named, you could probably hide an entire battleship underneath it.

The guidelines are quite simple, come up with an image to be used on the vendors to show off the dress. There are a few requirements: show off all possible skirt options, ideally has a close-up of the detail on the top, and is creative! All text will be added by owner Sascha Frangilli after the winners are chosen. Submit the photos as: “Photocontest Tante Truus – your name”. For full rules, stop by the main store and there will be a contest rules vendor right up front.

Winners will receive L$ 2000 and their choice of any 2 dresses (except for wedding dresses).


One thought on “Tante Truus Gown Contest

  1. O thank you thank you thank you for discovering the next gown I’ll be wearing at he next ball I’ll be attending. Clubbing is fun, but in the end, it is a fine gown and measured sweeping that breathes life into my second life! As for the contest… totally cool 🙂
    . . . Kim

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