I’m in a bit of a pickle here. I have a couple of Halloween parties to attend and I haven’t chosen one costume yet. I don’t know, it seems like everyday is Halloween in SL™ so what’s the big fuss about? Still, never one to ruin anyone else’s good time, I’m trying to get into the spirit of things and find a couple that I like. But I have a couple of requirements: my ass can’t hang out and it has to be high quality. I’m a stickler for high quality clothing and accessories – everything actually. Can anyone suggest a costume that might suit me? A LM or slurl would be cool, you can add a comment or IM me in-world with the info. I’ll be featuring what I choose to wear here (if I actually find something I like) in the next few days.

Happy Saturday everyone, I’m off to my RL shortly!


One thought on “ZOMG!

  1. i would recommed Bare Rose, for example Zodiac series
    i like my faun parts from Titania’s Court too
    or you can go for gown and some deceased or goth skin
    oh also see Grendel’s Children

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