The Charis Gown

Clio's Charis Gown

I was lucky enough to receive the Charis gown from Clio by Clio Cardiff in three colors today. The Black, Eggplant and Silver versions were all beautiful. Each gown comes with 2 styles of top on both the shirt and jacket layers, a pair of opera-length gloves, glitch pants on both pants and underpants layers, as well as the prim ball-gown skirt. Each gown costs L$ 649, with all 10 colors in a pack for L$ 4499 (that’s a 30% discount). The gowns appear to have all hand-drawn details which is much more rare to find these days when everyone is photosourcing.

Charis GownThe Charis Gown

While I was visiting the mainstore, I noticed that Clio is having a sale at the Capelli Estates location, with a 50% -75% discount on all items there. This would be a great stop for all those bargain hunters out there.

A Special At Eternity Silks

Eternity Silks

While some people may not like silks, I think they can come in handy in a couple of situations like photography, impromptu costume parties or perhaps to spice up things in the bedroom. In any case, the same care goes into the creation of silks and their accessories as any other item of clothing. So today I’m featuring a special set of pink silks and matching body jewelry from Eternity Silks by Singsong Writer, and it is on special for the next few days (in the pink color only) for L$ 1.

A Special At Eternity Silks

The set contains 4 parts but there are no actual clothing pieces, everything is prims. The white thong I’m wearing underneath isn’t part of the set. The prim work is actually quite impressive to see upclose. I was surprised that they would set this at L$ 1 for any amount of time, but Eternity Silks is part of Eternity Brides and Seldom Blue which often have great specials so it makes perfect sense.

This is a time-limited special so make sure to get your copy before its gone!

CnS Opening Party

CnS Opening Party

The CnS Poses store has moved, and to celebrate are holding an opening party with a winter theme and a goodie hunt. You’ll be looking for yellow stars with the CnS logo on it. Inside them are some great gifts from:

Kuja Akina (Owner of The Obscene)

Penelope Heron (Owner of !mmposible Fashion)

Lexington Jie (Owner of iNFLiCT – TATTOOS)

EmElie Carter (Owner of [THE MEEMBEE])

Plus there are 3 stars from CnS with some awesome poses for you!

The party started at 12 PM SLT so run over there ASAP!

Aren’t You Celebre

Aren't You Celebre

I got a wonderful new dress from Adam n Eve today thanks to sachi Vixen. It’s called Celebre and comes in eight colors from black to gold to purple! These days I really love colors so I jumped on the chance to see this dress up close. Honestly pictures don’t do the Celebre dress justice, you can see the detail if you look carefully though. The cut-out sides are a sexy touch, but the dress is still very versatile.

First I tried on the micro mini and decided to make it a fun outfit, more like something you would wear out clubbing. The set also comes with a sculpted short skirt, which is a more flirty option (see ad at the end of the post). There are shorts to go with the shorter skirts.


The second look was wearing the narrow prim & sculpty train bottom. This is more romantic sweetheart look, up swept hair and classic jewelry help make it a formal gown. There is also a version of the skirt without the scuplty prim area, it’s a straight A-line train. Long glitch pants are also included. I picked the perfect color for me, but there are 7 others waiting for you…go have a look at them soon.


Sh*t Happens Partner Contest!

Sh*t Happens Partner Contest Time!

I thought there might be some budding designers out there might be very interested in this, so read carefully:

“Always wanted to design, but your store just isn’t taking off? Well here’s your chance to design under a well known label for a contracted time.

I, Ana Boogiewoogie, am looking for partners to expand my buisness so I am able to keep up with the popular demand for releases.

Whether you design skins, hairs, sculpties, shoes, accessories, poses, or clothing, i’m looking for it all! Don’t think you’re good enough yet? Don’t sweat it! I am not looking for just already done talent, if I see a potential in you, I will help you learn and teach you everything I know to help you get started!

The winners will recieve a contract with Sh*t Happens for a period of time. You will get 100% of your profits from the store unless it is a group project, in which a split script will be placed. The winners will not have to pay rent for the first two months to build up an inventory to sell. Winners will also recieve an email address to the website ( for them to use for customer service. (If this is used against the rules, it will be taken away as I pay for it irl and won’t want it to be used for wrong.) Also, they will have a spot on the main webpage it’s self once it’s up and running as well as the ability to blog. (Again I reserve the right to take this away at any time if used for wrong.)

ATTENTION: [[The contract and rent will all be discussed with the winners and we will come to an agreement. You will not be forced into a contract you don’t agree with, you will get to choose certain things, but it will be a legally binding contract so I am not ripped off and neither are you. It’s protection for everyone.]]

Now onto how to enter!

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A Fashionable Day

A Fashionable Day

Today there is a special event going on involving the My Second Closet blog, the Haute Couture sim and Timeless Agency. I’m just running out the door IRL, but the fashion show put on by Timeless Agency starts at 2:30 PM SLT/PST and it features tons of designers like (just a few): Bax Coen, Dela, Kunglers, Moxie Polano’s Haute Styles and Truth. The event is being held to celebrate the wonderful work of Moxie Polano in making over her sim, Haute Couture; as well as Felicity Blumenthal’s 100th blog post at her blog My Second Closet. So stop by between 2-6 PM today to take part in the celebration which will include giveaways and the My Second Closet 100th Blog Contest!

Here is your limo to the fashion show! (