Catching Up

Catching Up...

I’ve missed out on some new releases and things since I’ve been AFK for the last week or so. Though I’ve been catching up and since some of you might not check in on a regular basis either, here are a couple of highlights.

Worst Crap from SL & Fash Feed: a Flickr photostream dedicated to “point out the incredibly ridiculous shit [they] see in SL and on the SL fash feed”. It might have been around for a while but since the photos rotate, you never know what you’ll see there. Good for a laugh.

Paper Couture’s fall line is out and all the pictures I’ve seen so far are really pretty. I took a quick peek just now but I haven’t had time to take a proper look yet.

Shoes! Tons of new shoes!  The first female pair from Hoorenbeek, cute trainers from Truth, and J’s has a couple new boots that you’ll just love.

Observations: drag-queen lashes are more prevalent and something about farting rainbows…what a week of things!

Oh! And I’ve started Plurking! I plurk random things and thoughts so far, so if you are a fellow plurker I’d love to read what’s on your mind. There is no reason to my plurks so far, so who knows what I’ll say next…


2 thoughts on “Catching Up

  1. Ya know- Nuclear Boutique made my lashes and they are very understated and elegant (I think so- but if I look drag queenish, I’d like to know). NB closed and I’ve been sad ever since finding a replacement for my alt. So yeah, that’s been bugging me finding normal lashes!

    And, yeah lots of rainbows coming out the buttocks. ❤
    And find me on plurk- kesseret – love to have you in my timeline (if you want me)

  2. I remember those NB lashes, I don’t think they’re really drag-ish, I’ve seen some recently that look like baby birds hanging off your eyelids. Strange!

    I added you to my friends, cheers! 🙂

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