Aren’t You Celebre

Aren't You Celebre

I got a wonderful new dress from Adam n Eve today thanks to sachi Vixen. It’s called Celebre and comes in eight colors from black to gold to purple! These days I really love colors so I jumped on the chance to see this dress up close. Honestly pictures don’t do the Celebre dress justice, you can see the detail if you look carefully though. The cut-out sides are a sexy touch, but the dress is still very versatile.

First I tried on the micro mini and decided to make it a fun outfit, more like something you would wear out clubbing. The set also comes with a sculpted short skirt, which is a more flirty option (see ad at the end of the post). There are shorts to go with the shorter skirts.


The second look was wearing the narrow prim & sculpty train bottom. This is more romantic sweetheart look, up swept hair and classic jewelry help make it a formal gown. There is also a version of the skirt without the scuplty prim area, it’s a straight A-line train. Long glitch pants are also included. I picked the perfect color for me, but there are 7 others waiting for you…go have a look at them soon.



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