Sh*t Happens Partner Contest!

Sh*t Happens Partner Contest Time!

I thought there might be some budding designers out there might be very interested in this, so read carefully:

“Always wanted to design, but your store just isn’t taking off? Well here’s your chance to design under a well known label for a contracted time.

I, Ana Boogiewoogie, am looking for partners to expand my buisness so I am able to keep up with the popular demand for releases.

Whether you design skins, hairs, sculpties, shoes, accessories, poses, or clothing, i’m looking for it all! Don’t think you’re good enough yet? Don’t sweat it! I am not looking for just already done talent, if I see a potential in you, I will help you learn and teach you everything I know to help you get started!

The winners will recieve a contract with Sh*t Happens for a period of time. You will get 100% of your profits from the store unless it is a group project, in which a split script will be placed. The winners will not have to pay rent for the first two months to build up an inventory to sell. Winners will also recieve an email address to the website ( for them to use for customer service. (If this is used against the rules, it will be taken away as I pay for it irl and won’t want it to be used for wrong.) Also, they will have a spot on the main webpage it’s self once it’s up and running as well as the ability to blog. (Again I reserve the right to take this away at any time if used for wrong.)

ATTENTION: [[The contract and rent will all be discussed with the winners and we will come to an agreement. You will not be forced into a contract you don’t agree with, you will get to choose certain things, but it will be a legally binding contract so I am not ripped off and neither are you. It’s protection for everyone.]]

Now onto how to enter!

What do you need?:

–At least two outfits/skins/hairs/sculpties/ect. (At least two pieces of your work, basically. I would prefer more to see the consistancy in your work with the dates they are created.) I WILL ACCEPT DEMOS IF I CAN SEE THE WORK. You do not need to send me anything you don’t feel comfortable sending me. We can set up a time for you to show me your work on yourself if necessary. However, I still would like a notecard and pictures for consideration.

–Also, i’d like a notecard to tell me about yourself, why you want to work for Sh*t Happens, and about the pieces of work you are offering. I want to know who you are, and what drives you! This isn’t all about talent! I want my partner to be able to have fun. This is a learning experiance, for everyone involved. We can all teach each other things we don’t know!

–(OPTIONAL): If you have a current store, I would love to see it. Add a landmark to it in the notecard and the folder! (This also works if you don’t want to drop too many things on me.).

–(OPTIONAL): If you would like to include your RL email to contact you with further questions, or if you are the winner, please do so. It will be easier to contact you that way.

ATTENTION: [[I do NOT want them full permission. Please do not send me full permission unless they’re textures. If they are textures, please add in a NO MOD NOTECARD that I have permission to have the full permission texture. Otherwise the entry will be deleted to protect myself. ALSO, ONLY SEND ME YOUR WORK. I can not stress this enough. If you did not create, don’t send it to me. I will eventually find out! By sending me your entry, you agreeing to these terms and KNOWINGLY sending me YOUR OWN work. Anyone sending me other’s work will be immediately disqualified and possibly reported for content thieft.]]

What’s next?:

— You have all your pieces and your notecard, right? Well now all you need to do is drop them into a folder with the right permissions. The folder should be named Sh*t Happens Partner Contest – (YOUR NAME HERE).

PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE, put your FULL SL NAME on the notecard, on the folder, and even on the clothing. If your name is not on your entry, it will not be considered!!!

When’s the ending date?:

— December 27th, 12 PM SLT will be when entries are closed. The winner will be decided on January 2nd, 2009.

What are you looking for in the winners?:

— Talent or potential talent. Even if you are not the best, but you’re willing to learn, I am willing to teach what I know.

—  Drive. I need someone who is really into this, and will not leave halfway through. I am looking for a longterm partnership to potentially expand my buisness drastically. Please take this contest seriously, if not, don’t bother entering.

— Personality. Not just in person, but in your designs. I want to see unique! And I loveee fun people. I would love to have parties, contests, and get along with all my partners. Like a happy family. I know drama arrises, but I want to be able to work through anything that happens. I am willing, but only if you are willing as well..

Will I know if I win or lose?:

— Due to the number of expected entries, I am not able to contact each and every person. I suggest joining the Sh*t Happens subscribe-o-matic or update group to keep updated on the winners. I will announce the winners only. Everyone else’s names will be kept completely confidential. I will not spread anyone’s stuff around or share with anyone outside of myself and other judges who will be helping me decide.

If you have ANY QUESTIONS, please do not hesitate to drop a notecard onto Ana Boogiewoogie. Please put your FULL SL NAME in the notecard along with your questions. Do not send me an IM. My IMs get capped. You may also send me an email at
Awesome disclaimer:
Ana Boogiewoogie reserves the right to change any information in this notecard at anytime. You can not copy or use any of this notecard for anything other than the contest it’s self. This notecard if for Sh*t Happens only, and is completely written by Ana Boogiewoogie. Anyone coming up to you claiming they’re within this contest is a fake. Ana Boogiewoogie will be the ONLY contact involved with this. (c) Sh*t Happens, Ana Boogiewoogie.”


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