A Special At Eternity Silks

Eternity Silks

While some people may not like silks, I think they can come in handy in a couple of situations like photography, impromptu costume parties or perhaps to spice up things in the bedroom. In any case, the same care goes into the creation of silks and their accessories as any other item of clothing. So today I’m featuring a special set of pink silks and matching body jewelry from Eternity Silks by Singsong Writer, and it is on special for the next few days (in the pink color only) for L$ 1.

A Special At Eternity Silks

The set contains 4 parts but there are no actual clothing pieces, everything is prims. The white thong I’m wearing underneath isn’t part of the set. The prim work is actually quite impressive to see upclose. I was surprised that they would set this at L$ 1 for any amount of time, but Eternity Silks is part of Eternity Brides and Seldom Blue which often have great specials so it makes perfect sense.

This is a time-limited special so make sure to get your copy before its gone!


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